Preparing for an interview

The interview process is a confidential process and that the information used to answer the questions by the candidate will only be used for the purpose finding the most suitable candidate for the role. 

Ways you can prepare for an interview with Hauora Tairawhiti:


Know our Vision and Values

Whakarangatira/enrich - Enriching the health of our community by doing our very best

Awhi/support - Supporting our turoro/patients their whanau/families, our community partners and each other

Kotahitanga/togetherness - Together we can achieve more

Aroha/compassion - Empathy, we care for people and people want to be cared for by us.

This is our kaupapa; what our organisation is working towards, the driving force behind all we do. This is also outlined in the job descriptions.


Read the Job Description

The job description outlines:

  • the purpose of the role
  • the key tasks
  • the person specification.

This will allow you to frame your answers based on how you meet the criteria in each of the above areas


The STAR Process

To help with providing concise answers, use the STAR process. Try and use two examples per question:

  • Situation – describe the situational circumstances
  • Task – be clear about what the task or challenge was
  • Action – what action were you personally responsible for and if part of a team what was your role
  • Result – what was the result of your action/s. 


Practice with a friend/family member

There are many examples of interview questions online. Create a scenario with a friend or family member and go through some example questions, so you can feel as prepared as possible

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