Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between PDRP and the NZNC audit?

There is lots of information about the NZNC audit on the NZNC website. When you are audited you will be contacted by Nursing Council and given approximately 6 weeks to send them the information they require. This is your practice hours, professional development hours with reflection, self-assessment and peer assessment for your scope of practice. This is only at competent level. There is no financial remuneration associated with the NZNC audit.

How will I know which level of the PDRP I should submit under?

Page 5 on the Aotearoa Collaborative document has the level definitions. You can also read the criteria for the levels of practice in the National Framework and decide which level your practice sits at. If you are not sure, you can discuss this with a trusted colleague, or a CNM.
Enter the PDRP at whatever level you feel you meet, remembering that you must show evidence required to meet that level.

How long is my portfolio valid for?

Your portfolio is valid for 3 years, the same as the NZNC audit.

Can I have more than one nurse complete my third party evidence?

Yes. Often it is best to have multiple peers complete your third party evidence to share the workload.

Who can complete my third party evidence?

They must be a nurse with a current APC.

Can I use the same practice example twice in my self-assessment?

Yes, but you must write the practice example each time addressing the competency it relates to. For example you are describing a scenario where a patient collapsed in the bathroom. You might write about this example in competency for 2.2 and focus on your nursing assessment but then again for the same scenario in 2.5 to discuss what you did in an unexpected situation.

Can I have the same practice example in my self-assessment and in the third party evidence?

Yes. However, it must be written from a different view point and focus.

Do I have to do both short and long reflections on my professional development?

No. You have a choice of either long or short reflections. Either way you must show evidence of 60 hours professional development in the last 3 years. You can choose to do short reflections on each activity you have attended OR three approximately A4 length reflections on three different activities attended.

Do I need to include all my certificates?

No. These are useful to show to your manager or educator to get your professional development hours signed off and validated.

How long does it take for a portfolio to be marked?

Approximately 8 weeks. Sometimes this process is shorter or longer depending on if the assessor requires you to submit further evidence for your portfolio.

What happens if I’m late in submitting my portfolio?

You may be audited by the NZNC in this time period. If you previously had financial benefits with your portfolio this will stop on the due date.

Do I get release time to work on my portfolio?

Yes if you work in an area that is covered by the DHB NZNO MECA. If you are applying for proficient you get 1 day per annum or 2 days per annum if applying for expert or accomplished.

How do I apply for an extension?

Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. It does not protect you from the NZNC audit but your financial benefits may be extended. You need to contact the PDRP Coordinator in writing with your reason for needing an extension well in advance.

Do I need to write about all the indicators per competency?

No. The indicators help expand on the competency to help you write your practice example. Make sure you do answer the competency though and not just an indicator.

How much more do I get paid if I am proficient, expert or accomplished?

Proficient is $3000 per annum on your base salary and expert/accomplished is $4500. You can find more information in the MECA.

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