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Tips for visitors

Hauora Tairāwhiti prioritises the safety and privacy of patients, visitors and staff.

We ask visitors to follow common-sense rules to ensure that patients can rest and recover, and to ensure that other visitors are not disrupted.

Rules for visitors to Gisborne Hospital

  • only visit if you are well – patients are vulnerable to contagious viruses and disease
  • photographs, video and audio recordings can only be taken with the permission of the patient, staff member and other people in the room. Ask first.
  • violence and threatening or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Depending on the behaviour, people who break this rule will be warned or asked to leave. We will also call security staff or police.
  • respect other patients and visitors in shared rooms. Patients appreciate peace and quiet.
  • ask medical staff first before offering food or beverages to a patient
  • alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are not allowed
  • call in advance if wanting to visit a family member after 8.30pm
  • wait patiently for assistance from staff who may be busy attending to patients.

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