Visiting hours

The visiting times are displayed at the entrance of most wards. The usual visiting times are between 2pm and 8pm.

Maternity and the Neo Natal Unit have restricted visiting hours. See below for more details. 

We are now allowing for up to 2 well visitors at a time, except for in Maternity, ICU, Neo Natal Unit and Planet Sunshine.

Rest periods are essential to getting better. Please respect the privacy and rest of the other patients by limiting your visitors. 

Visiting the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Visiting is usually restricted to immediate family only. In most cases only one person is allowed at the bedside at once between 2-8pm. Visits for critical unwell people needs to be discussed with the charge nurse. 

Visiting Maternity

In addition to the one partner or support person permitted for the duration of the labour and birth. One other adult visitor (must be close friend or family member) can visit once per day after the birth between the hours of 2-5pm. This is an opportunistic time for the partner/support person to leave the unit which is permitted just once per day to go home to collect items required or see other children. 

Neo Natal Unit 

One other adult member (must be close friend or family) can visit between 2-5pm.

Patient Inquiries

To respect your confidentiality, general information is only given over the phone. For example “the patient is satisfactory”. You may choose for us to withhold that information – just let your nurse know.

You will be asked to delegate a family/whanau member as a contact person, then that person can pass information on to the rest of your family whanau.

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