Visiting hours

The visiting times are displayed at the entrance of most wards. The usual visiting times are between 2pm and 8pm.

If you wish to visit outside these times, please ask staff for permission. Rest periods are essential to getting better. Please respect the privacy and rest of the other patients by limiting your visitors. 

Visiting the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Any visitors to the Intensive Care Unit must ring the bell on their arrival and wait to be escorted in by a staff member.

Visiting is usually restricted to immediate family only. In most cases only two people are allowed at the bedside at once.

Visiting Maternity

Parents and grandparents are welcome to visit from 8am to 8pm. Other visitors are welcome from 2pm to 8pm, but please do not visit if you are unwell, as newborn babies are vulnerable, as are the new mothers. The new mothers' need for rest and recuperation must be considered.

Please scan the QR code (or sign in the book) as you enter Maternity. 

Visiting children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Patient Inquiries

To respect your confidentiality, general information is only given over the phone. For example “the patient is satisfactory”. You may choose for us to withhold that information – just let your nurse know.

You will be asked to delegate a family/whanau member as a contact person, then that person can pass information on to the rest of your family whanau.

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