First time for Adult Medicine exams in Gisborne

Briar Hunter,
Registrars and their examiners

From left: Dr Joanna Wojciechowska, education assistant Radhika Openshaw, education officer Puto Tito, Dr Ashwin Ramji, Dr Inte Malik, registered nurses Tania Rolfe and Kirsten Brown, and clinical nurse manager Debbie Cordiner. Picture by Paul Rickard - Gisborne Herald

Registrars from around New Zealand sat their Adult Medicine exams for the first time ever in our hospital last Friday.
There were eight registrars sitting the exams, 8 examiners and 16 volunteers from Gisborne who participated in the exams.
Drs Joanna Wojciechowska and Inte Malik successfully applied to have the college exams held in Gisborne. Last year Dr Wojciechowska was an examiner in Invercargill, Dunedin and Dr Malik in Whakatane.
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians contacted and requested Drs Wojciechowska and Malik to host the exam in Gisborne as we have a wide range of complex patients.
In the morning session, short cases were examinations of hearts and the nervous system. In the afternoon session, the short cases were respiratory and abdomen systems.
Another one-hour session and two more short cases were held in the afternoon.

Dr Malik said the registrars had finished their basic training and had since completed two years as junior house officers and three years as medical registrars. The candidates had passed written exams and if successful in Gisborne would be eligible for another four or five years of training to become specialists.

 Jim Green said, "The exams further advance our place as part of the training programme for the next generation of specialist doctors in our community."  

“It recognises the place that smaller, more rural health boards can have in the training of our next generation of specialists and links to our new registrar positions at the hospital." 

“We are very pleased that local people have agreed to be part of the exam process as the soon-to-be consultants test out their clinical skills in examining and diagnosing conditions people have." 

“This is a wonderful contribution to the future and we are extremely grateful for the time and effort people put in to take part." 

A special mention to Dr Joanna Wojciechowska and Dr Inte Malik for their hard work and dedication to making this event happen.


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