Gisborne Hospital wants its equipment back, please

If you have ever had an accident or injury and have forgotten to return your crutches, walking frames or other equipment, chances are Gisborne Hospital is looking for them.

In October we are running an equipment amnesty in the hope missing hospital equipment will be returned.

On Wednesday 2 October 12 noon – 2pm members of the physio team will be near the main entrance of the hospital to receive equipment. At all other times, the equipment can be left by the friends of the Hospital Desk at the main entrance.
The amnesty means if people borrowed equipment they did not return, no matter how long ago, they could bring it back; no questions asked. Please tell all your friends and whanau to get their unused equipment back to us.

In the last 12 months, hundreds of pairs of crutches have been issued, but up to 50 percent of these have not yet been returned. The missing equipment equates to many thousands of dollars. Crutches, walking frames and knee scooters are some of the items that go missing. The money would be better spent on new equipment rather than buying replacements. When this equipment doesn't come back it means another patient is missing out and that can delay them getting back into their own homes.

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