Colposcopy service

Colposcopy is when a specialist has a closer look at your cervix after you have had an abnormal smear result.

Referral process:

Your smear taker will refer you to this clinic if it is necessary. You are welcome to bring a friend or whānau member to support you.


There is help available for you to attend your appointment (e.g. transport, child-care, other support) To access this service contact Women’s Health Clinic at Gisborne Hospital (06 8690500 Extension 8119 – leave a message and we will get back to you) NB This is where we would insert an 0800 number

As much as possible your appointment will be made at a time and date that is suitable to you. If you have any questions or concerns you are most welcome to ring to speak to a nurse.

Specialist staff:

• Dr Diane Van de Mark
• Dr William Weiderman
• Dr Sean Pocock
• Dr Shireen Heidari
• Clare Aitcheson (Lead Colposcopy Nurse)

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