Rheumatic Fever Clients

A free service offering preventive treatment to rheumatic fever clients. Our service is offered from Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm and once a month we offer two late night clinics on Tuesday and Thursday night until 6.30 pm. We also offer to provide this treatment in homes or at school. Our main aim is to provide an accessible service to the clients.

Referral process:

New clients are notified of our service via the Medical Officer of Health. Once the Public Health Nurse (PHN) is aware of the new case, they will meet the client and their whanau at the hospital, in our clinic or at their home. The PHN will provide education and support and will meet up monthly to administer their monthly bicillin injection.

Our service also will provide treatment to clients that may be here on holiday or have transferred here.

Specialist staff:

Public Health Nurses, Medical Officer of Health


Exams and procedures:

• Nursing assessments
• Monthly bicillin injection
• Yearly Influenza Vaccination

How to get in touch:

0800 935 524 / 869 2092
Fax: 869 2093
Email: Public.Health.Nurses@tdh.org.nz

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