Vision and Hearing Screening

Screening of children between 4 to 12 years old to identify undetected hearing loss and reduced visual acuity requiring further assessment or treatment, offering targeted tympanometry (middle ear check) of 3-year-olds at high risk of glue ear.

As part of the B4School Check we offer screening Audiometry of 4-year-old children, ss well as distance visual acuity screening to identify children with reduced vision and possible amblyopia (lazy eye) as well as vision and hearing screening new entrants who have not had a B4School Check. We also offer distance visual acuity screening of Year 7 students to detect children with myopia or other conditions causing reduced acuity.

The purpose of the hearing screen is to detect the presence of hearing impairment (the child will be referred to the Audiology Department at the hospital for a full diagnostic hearing test) or otitis media effusion (the child will be referred to the Community Ear Nurse Service for an assessment).

The purpose of the vision screening is to identify children who may have amblyopia at an age when it may still be treatable. As well as measure visual acuity and refer children who are unable to complete this screen for further assessment. These children are referred to an Optometrist for a full diagnostic eye examination.

Online resources:
B4School Check Website-
Or 24-hour health advice service – Healthline 0800 611 116
Pass & Refer brochures for 4 and 5-year-olds available online at
Keeping an eye on your child’s vision pamphlet (HE2278)
Keeping an eye on your child’s hearing pamphlet (HE2276)

Enable New Zealand Spectacle Subsidy – or contact 0800 17 1981

How to get in touch:

Well Child - 06 869 2092 or 0800 935 524

Bright Street Community Clinic
141 Bright street (behind Farmers in the middle of the carpark)
06 868 9005 for booking a clinic appointment with the Vision & Hearing Technician’s and the Community Ear Nurse’s


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