During COVID-19 pandemic, some information on this website may not be up to date. For the most recent information about health services in the district, click here to visit our dedicated COVID-19 Tairāwhiti website.

Where to get tested

Anyone with any respiratory symptoms - sniffle, cough. sore throat, loss of smell or taste, fever - should get tested. There are several ways you can get tested for COVID-19.

Phoning your GP is the best way to arrange testing; they know you and your health background best. They can refer you to one of the three testing centres;

  • War Memorial Theatre Assessment Centre,
  • Te Puia Hospital Assessment Centre,
  • Waikohu Clinic in Te Karaka.

These centres have been set up by Medical Centres and Hauora Tairāwhiti. They are for patients with respiratory conditions (including suspected COVID-19).

Turn up at the War Memorial Theatre Assessment Centre. without a GP referral Monday to Friday between 9-11am and 1-3pm. From Saturday, 9 May, the Theatre will be open 1pm to 4pm on the weekends for both GP referrals and walk-ins.
Bring your cell phone so we can let you know when the nurse is ready to escort you in.

As an employer should I get my staff tested before they come back to work?

Testing people without symptoms doesn’t provide useful information on which to base decisions on.

  1. The test only shows what is happening on that day and does not provide any assurance beyond that moment. For example, someone could be incubating COVID-19 and this wouldn't show through the test.
  2. Employers, should instead concentrate on looking out for any respiratory symptoms and encourage staff to seek immediate advice via their GP or Healthline. This is free every day of the week. Employers should put such checks in place with their employees. Daily checking in for instance, before commencing work. 
  3. People who have any respiratory symptoms should not go to work, or come into contact with anyone outside their bubble unless seeking health advice. 

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