During COVID-19 pandemic, some information on this website may not be up to date. For the most recent information about health services in the district, click here to visit our dedicated COVID-19 Tairāwhiti website.

What's open and what's not?

Tairāwhiti Health Services:   Phone 06 8690500 to contact any Hauora Tairawhiti Health Service.

A - Z



Audiology and Newborn Hearing Screening are seeing outpatients again and increasing services slowly. Newborn Hearing Screening inpatients are also being seen.

Before school checks

Telephone: 0800 935524

Breast Screening

Service has restarted. Priority patients and those who missed their appointments at Alert Level 4 will be first to receive a screening appointment.

Cancer Society of NZ Gisborne

The Gisborne Cancer Society Centre is open Mon – Thurs 9am to 3pm. 

Level 2 Supportive care Services:

  • Enquiries and support available to all existing clients and new referrals who require our service
  • We will connect and make assessments by phone, email, or arrange a face-to-face visit to the centre
  • For unwell or immune-compromised clients/whānau or groups over 10 online virtual support can be offered and delivered from our centre
  • Staff will refrain from making home visits
  • Designated staff and or volunteers can provide client transport to treatment and oncology appointments when a client or whānau cannot drive
  • Cancer Society Welfare assistance can be discussed and if necessary actioned following Cancer Society Supportive Care Assessment’s
  • Welfare assistance pickups/drop-offs can be arranged and actioned by designated staff or volunteers adhering to Alert Level 2 Guidelines
  • Appointments with professional’s and networks can be made by phone, emails, online or take place at the centre
  • Client Massage and Breast Fitting Services at the centre will commence by appointment once these service providers feel safe to do so –please call the centre to enquire Phone - 06 867 1795 


Clinic schedules are resuming in a combination of virtual and in-person. The Cardiology Team are available to discuss any concerns you may have relating to your heart health.  Email HeartTeam@tdh.org.nz  We will provide advice and if necessary arrange to see you urgently in the clinic.  


Chapel services are suspended. Chaplains are still available. Call 06 869 0500.

Child Development Services

Normal service has resumed. Any families involved with the service and need support should contact their therapist. If they are unable to do this contact Lyn Davis Team Leader on 06-8690500 ext 8127 or email lyn.davis@tdh.org.nz

Cervical screening

Service has restarted. Priority women and those who missed their appointments at Alert Level 4 will be the first to receive a screening appointment. 


Outpatient appointments and community visits are resuming as per Ministry of Health guidelines on COVID-19. You will be notified via mail or phone with priority people seen first. Anyone referred may have their appointment over the phone, or by video consult. Diabetes 

Diabetes service is still available via phone 06 869 0500 ext 8060 for queries regarding diabetes management, equipment, medication, sharps containers, etc.  Please leave a message (name and contact details) and we will get back to you, or email DiabetesService@tdh.org.nz We also have zoom capabilities if you require this please phone or message us in advance for zoom consultation/s appointments.

If you have an emergency please continue to phone 111 for emergency services.  You can also continue to make contact with your GP and Practice nurse for Diabetes care.

Managing your diabetes see resources:







Dialysis Services are operating. There will be no visitors during dialysis.

Disability Support

During Alert level 2, the following services will continue to be provided:

  • Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) and disability support is still available through contracted providers. Face to face assessments is unavailable until further notice. Support and service co-ordination will be provided via phone to existing clients. Freephone 0508 477 627 Mon-Fri 8.30pm - 5pm.
  • The Mobility Centre's online store is still available for Click and Collect orders. Store hours are Monday 9am - 5pm. and Wednesday 9am - 5pm for walk-in purchases if in stock or click and collect from online purchases. 
  • Support via phone is available for hearing therapy services. Phone 0800 243 866. All face to face Hearing Assessments and therapeutic support will resume 25/05/2020 by appointment.
  • Altogether Autism is offering support online and via phone. PRISM Professional Development face-to-face delivery is unavailable until further notice.

For any NASC related challenges please make contact Ph 0508 447 6272 or email nasc@lifeunlimited.net.nz  For further information regarding the ongoing provision of other Life Unlimited services please follow the link below https://www.lifeunlimited.net.nz/

District nursing

Essential home visits will continue. Alternatively, a phone or video link consultation will happen (at the time of your usual appointment).


All clinics have resumed with virtual consultations via phone or video links.

Day Of Surgery Unit

Open for all urgent surgery and some planned surgery.


At level 2 Dentists are now providing routine dental care as well as urgent and emergency care.

See below re the School Dental Service 

Emergency Department

Open – 24/7 for emergencies only.

Mobile ear clinic

Service suspended. Appointments will be rescheduled.

Ear, Nose and Throat

Appointments are being rescheduled based on priority and wait time. The number of people we can see in a clinic is reduced due to the requirement to keep safe distancing.

Flight Team

No change in service for people who need to be transferred to other hospitals for urgent treatment or care. 


Daily clinics for new patients from the Emergency Department and GP’s.
Daily clinics are now up and running, from 9am - 12 noon weekdays and 1.30pm - 4pm on Wednesdays.


Appointments are being rescheduled based on priority and wait time. The number of people we can see in a clinic is reduced due to the requirement to keep safe distancing.

Intensive Care Unit

Medical Services as per normal. Visitors permitted with the permission of the Charge Nurse Manager – ICU has been divided into a COVID-19 care unit & NON-COVID-19 care unit.


Tlab Gladstone Road is now open Monday to Friday 07:45am to 4:45pm.
If you need to get a lab test please call in here rather than at Gisborne Hospital.
You no longer need an appointment to go to Tlab.
Social distancing must be maintained so the doors will be locked.
Knock on the door or send a text to 020 419 15412 with your name.
Wait in your car and Tlab will text you when it is time to come in for your test.


Open as usual for Births. Only the one support person may be with you during labour and birth. They will remain throughout until postnatal discharge. However, they can now to leave the unit once per day. Once mum and baby are transferred to the postnatal ward they can have one ‘well’ visitor per day between 2 and 5pm. This visitor needs to be a close family member and will be screened on entry.  Antenatal consultants will be by phone or video where partical.

Medicine - General

Appointments are being rescheduled based on priority and wait time. The number of people we can see in a clinic is reduced due to the requirement to keep safe distancing.

Medical Day Ward – Oncology

Operational.  Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm

Mental Health Services

A 24/7 crisis service can be accessed by contacting 0800 243 500. Mental Health and addiction support are still available through Te Kuwatawata by phoning 06 868 3550 from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For Hauora Tairāwhiti's adult community mental health and addiction service, phone: 0800 999 014. For Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Services, phone: 06 869 0541, and mental health services for older people are still operating. Medication clinics continue in conjunction with pharmacies. Acute mental health inpatient care in the hospital in Te Whare Awhiora (Ward 11) is open but closed to visitors. Find out more.

Neo-natal unit

Business as usual.

Needs Assessment Coordination Service (NASC)

Business as usual. Referrals and assessments as required.

Newborn Hearing screening

Service on call when mum and baby are discharged from maternity.


Your Cancer Care Team is still here. Chemotherapy treatments continue. Waikato specialists are conducting usual clinics via phone or video.  If possible consultations will be via phone or video link, including routinely scheduled, follow up. You will be contacted when that is due. Expect to be COVID-19 screened via phone and again when arriving for your appointments or treatment. We aim to make our bubble here as safe for you as yours is at home. 


Daily clinics for new patients from the Emergency Department and GP’s (for people with no symptoms of Covid-19). Weekday clinic’s for follow-ups 9am-8pm


Normal service has resumed from 8 am to 4.30 pm. Ph 8690500 ext. 8225. Appointments are being rescheduled based on priority and wait time. The number of people we can see in a clinic is reduced due to the requirement to keep safe distancing.


Clinics and elective surgeries will progress in line with these guidelines. Appointments are being rescheduled based on priority and wait time. Extra clinics are being helped to catch up. 


Appointments are being rescheduled based on priority and wait time. The number of people we can see in a clinic is reduced due to the requirement to keep safe distancing.

Occupational therapy               

OT’s are in contact with patients,  MSG’s can be left on ext 8424 if office unattended.

Palliative Care / Hospice Tairawhiti

Essential services only or consultation via phone or video.


Regular clinic schedules have resumed with a combination of phone or Video and in-person consultations.

Preadmit clinic

Now open from 8.00am - 4.00pm. Phone consults will be used where possible. Patients are able to wait in the preadmit lounge, where physical distancing will be required.


Essential Services only or available via telephone or video.


24/7 support via PlunketLine 0800 933 922.
Prioritised Virtual Service available for Well Child services:

  • all whanau with newborn tamariki from 0-3 months
  • Māori, Pacific peoples who have been assessed as having immediate needs
  • All whanau who are assessed as having long-term needs


Service is operating as normal. No appointment is required for X-rays (referred from your GP).  CT, MRI and other investigations are done in priority order for all requests in the system. Urgent scans and after-hours imaging will be done on the discretion of the Radiologist. 

Renal services

Specialist appointments suspended and will be rescheduled Clinical Nurse specialist available via telephone or video.  

Respiratory Services

All home visits and clinics postponed. People referred to the hospital doctors for respiratory problems that do not require surgery will begin to be seen, with priority people seen first. Anyone referred may have their appointment over the phone, or by video consult. If you have any questions re your respiratory condition or home oxygen contact the respiratory nurse on 06 869 0500 ext 8112, cellphone 021 224 2418 or email on Alison.Weatherley@tdh.org.nz. The respiratory nurse service works three days a week. Leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible. If urgent, please contact your GP.

School Dental/Oral Health 

Service is operating as normal.
Wahaora Open: Monday to Friday from 8am to 4.30pm
Mobile Dental Trucks are back in schools. Days vary, open from 8am to 4.30pm
Parents can contact Wahaora or the dental truck at their school for an appointment. Wahaora Dental Clinic Ph 0800 TALK TEETH or 06 8675096 or 0272425126.

Sexual and reproductive health services – community clinic

Clinic open Monday-Thursday 9 am -4.30


Sleep Service / Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea clinic is currently closed. If you require replacement equipment i.e masks and tubing or if you have a fault with your machine please phone 021719615  or (06) 8690500 extn 8920 so that we can arrange to replace or repair your equipment.

If your CPAP/BiPAP machine is due for an annual service and it is working well please do not bring it into the hospital, it can be serviced once we return to running normal services.

Please do not come to the hospital unless advised to by one of the sleep apnoea nurses over the phone or email michelle.scott@tdh.org.nz

Speech Language Therapy

Clinics have resumed for urgent cases - following level 2 guidelines. Phone and video consults are continuing for vulnerable patients.

Social Work

Service available in all Hospital wards. Community assessments are via phone or video. Some home visits occurring following level 2 guidelines.

Stroke Clinic

Clinics have resumed. Some appointments will be by phone.

Surgical Services

All planned surgeries except those considered urgent are suspended.  Urgent surgeries include acute surgery, high suspicion of cancer, confirmed cancer or risk of serious deterioration.   


Planned surgeries that were postponed and now being prioritised and rescheduled. We will contact you. If you are waiting for surgery and your condition has deteriorated please contact your GP. Urgent surgeries - high suspicion of cancer, confirmed cancer or risk of serious deterioration - have continue3d.

Transport office

Open 10.30 – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.  Closed  1pm-1.45pm

Vision and hearing screening

Service suspended till further notice.

Well Child

Service suspended till further notice.