STOP Pressure Injury Day

Worldwide STOP Pressure Injury Day 19 November 2020


On this day, people all over the world raise awareness of pressure injuries.

A pressure injury is an injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue, as a result of pressure and/or shear. People of all ages can develop a pressure injury and not only people who are immobile. Pressure injuries can develop very quickly and evolve further into big nasty wounds if the pressure is not taken off. The good news is that pressure injuries are usually preventable, and if they would occur, we can prevent further damage by acting timely.

To mark this day, we held two educational sessions. At the afternoon session, we focussed on risk assessment and the development of an individualised care plan. In small groups, the attendants worked on a case study for which they did the Waterlow risk assessment and developed the care plan to prevent this patient from sustaining pressure injuries. They got help from the experts present at the sponsors’ displays and could ask questions to their heart’s content while enjoying a delicious afternoon tea. 

audience attending workshop for STOP PI day 2020 




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