Planet Sunshine Children's Ward

All children up to the age of 16 years requiring treatment as an inpatient will come to Planet Sunshine, the children's ward at Gisborne Hospital.

All children having an outpatient appointment with a Paediatrician will be seen in the Planet Sunshine Outpatient clinic.

Admissions to the inpatient ward usually come via GP’s or the Emergency Dept. Referrals to the Outpatients clinic come via GPs or from other medical professionals. All referrals are prioritised before appointments are made.

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The ward is staffed with nurses who are trained to care for babies and children. There are 5 Paediatricians who are based in Planet Sunshine as well as junior doctors. Outreach nurses, dieticians, social workers, a play specialist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, developmental therapists, a visiting teacher also do work in Planet Sunshine

Children may be admitted to Planet Sunshine for surgery, day stay procedures or for many other medical reasons. There are also many reasons why children are referred to the Outpatient clinic. 

Other hospitals and organisations closely involved with planet sunshine:

Starship Childrens Hospital (
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Canteen (supporting young people with cancer) (

How to get in touch:

Paediatric Outpatients: ph 06 869 0500 Ext 8040
Inpatient ward: 06 869 0500 Ext 8037 or 8038

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