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2021 Responses




Formal complaints regarding surgical equipment


Psycologist wait list and Māori mental health services


Hip and knee replacements


DHB art collection


Cost of Communications and PR


Methadone dispensings


NZSL interpreting services 


Complaints to the Health and Disability Commissioner


Breastfeeding and tongue tie support services


Assaults on staff perpetrated by patients 


Treatment of firearm injuries


Data on part-time employed RMOs


Data sharing


Additional duties for RMOs 


MDMA admission data


Aged residential care admissions and costs


Return of body parts


Damaged COVID-19 tests


Diabetic retinopathy


Eating disorders


Equipment sterilisation


Gender in health


Amount spent on temporary workers


COVID-19 response documentation


Mental health and addiction services


DHB as a living wage employer


OIA numbers and charges 


Data on malnourishment diagnoses


Local commissioning funding 


Employment 2020 and supply levels


Patients placed in isolation 


Children recorded with different diseases


Digital dictation


Alcohol related harm


Mental health unit data


Surgery wait times 


Mental health and addictions facilities


Marae accessibility to Māori inpatients and Tino Rangatiratanga


PSMA funding


Genital surgery for intersex children


Staff vacancies


Dog bites in Tairāwhiti


Ethnicity of psychiatrists and DHB protocols


Pathology contracts


Gardasil vaccines


Air ambulance services


Challenges to coronial findings


Complaints from women accessing abortion services


Psychometric testing 


Clinicians delivering long acting reversible contraception


Intensive care costs


Annual leave taken by SMOs


Waitlist for psychiatric services 


Missed COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments


Colonoscopy Declines


Crohn's Disease by Ethnicity


Cathinone Toxicity


Progressive Procurement Policy


HPV Immunisation Refusal in Schools


Access to services for people with Multiple Sclerosis   




Funded Treatments for Gender Dysphoria


Pharmacists Seconded to Vaccination Programme


Psychologist FTE


Staff Survey




Contractors Cost


Jim's Interview Talking Points


Children in Care




PPE Stock and ICU


Fossil Fuels


Aged Residential Care




ICU Data 2018 YTD


ICU Data


Annual Review


OIA Response Times


Freeing up ICU


Pfizer Clinical Trials






Stroke Data


ICU Nurse Training 


COVID Prepardness 


Delays Due to Lockdown


Community Based Isolation




Infusion Services


Māori and Pasifika Immunisations


Transgender Care


General Practice


Contractors 5 Years


Mental Health Vulnerabilities


DHB Treatment Protocols


Maternity Services Data
  ICU Fully Staffed Beds


Māori NHI Data
  Calls to Healthline
  COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy 
  List of Meetings Held
  Fetal and Neonatal Deaths
  Pharmacy Staffing
  Pharmacy Qualifications
  Pharmacy Hires

2020 Responses




Skin cancer prevention


Estimated hospital floor area


Hospital bed numbers


Number of PGY1 House Officers and medical doctors hired


Holter monitoring services 


Sexual harassment complaints


Population nutrition promotion


Hospital risk register


Asbestos management plan


Gender reassignment hormone therapy


Addiction services


Measles epidemic data and costs


Cost of electroconvulsive therapy


Christmas party costs, staff bonuses and CE travel


Gender bias in the health system


Incidents relating to equipment sterilisation


Use of the Avastin Drug


Policy re archiving, storing and biobanking of human tissue


Calls to the mental health crisis team


Ventilator inventory


PPE stockpiles and demand


Reported assaults and sexual harassment


Ophthalmology services


Use of requisitioning powers during COVID-19


COVID-19 hospitalisations and mortality numbers


Impact of COVID-19 on elective surgeries


Abortion services


Births at Gisborne Hospital during the COVID-19 lockdown


Number of electroconvulsive devices at Gisborne Hospital


Information on Tairāwhiti's COVID-19 cases


Number of people working on contact tracing during COVID-19 at Hauora Tairāwhiti


COVID-19 hospitalisations


Total cost of running DHB paging systems


Access to services for people with multiple sclerosis


Incidents of impersonation and unauthorised access to theatres and laboratories


Publication of all DHB policies and best practice documents


Letter of Understanding between DHBs and the PSA regarding an increase in penal rates


Details on Anaesthetic Technicians employed by the DHB


Breast Reconstruction waitlist and criteria


Impact of Covid-19 on Clinical workforce


Assaults on staff in the last 3 years


Payments to Medical Colleges by Hauora Tairawhiti


Impact of Covid-19 on community oral health



Hauora Tairawhiti's Pharmacy Workforce - various questions


Hauora Tairawhiti's Dietician Workforce - various questions



Leave taken by RMO'S at Hauora Tairawhiti


Annual leave taken by SMO'S at Hauora Tairawhiti


Number of pre-fabricated buildings at Hauora Tairawhiti


Pet Scan Referrals in the last three years


Hauora Tairawhiti's mental health inpatient facilities


Pain Management services and Cerebral Palsy


Domestic Violence Presentations 


Ethnicity of admitted smokers


Number of negative pressure beds in HDU/CCU and ICU


Endoscopy procedures


Gender affirming healthcare services


Employed and contracted psychotherapists


Effects of COVID-19 on staffing


Colonoscopy Data 


ED presentations, hospital capacity and referrals
  Patients receiving colonoscopies
  Effects of COVID-19 on staffing
  Healthcare for transgender people


Fit testing
  Electroconvulsive therapy - various questions
  ICU occupancy rates


Arrival of Chemist Warehouse
  Age of mothers who gave birth at DHB facilities
  Board members with Pacific heritage
  Foreign nationals charged by the public health system

2019 Responses 




FASD Assessment


Fax Machines




Funding for brief intervention counselling 


PET-CT Machines


Pest infestation in the last five years


Maternal mental health


DHB car parking


Advertising spend for the last five financial years


Māori workforce recruitment


Alcohol harm reduction activities


Medical personal cost enquiry 


Injury and death related to heatstroke


Prescribed antidepressants in 2018


RMO strike numbers


Education access and transition between services


Weight loss surgery


Assaults on staff for last 5 years


RMO pay deductions


Home and community support contracts


Papers on climate change


Disabled Māori


Health promotion for disabled Māori


Menu planning


Violent incidents


Reportable event briefs


Cancer wait times


Rural adjuster fund


Remuneration of RMOs, SMOs and employees for work carried out as a result of the strike actions


NZ's ambulance services by non-residents and tourists


Vaccination documents and policies


Sterilisation failures




Opioid use


CASP framework


Information regarding Nga Hau E Wha


Christchurch mosque terror attack


Gender affirming services


Gender affirming healthcare availability


Assualts on nursing staff


Consultants in maternity wards


Clinical drug trials


Surgical mesh trans orbturator


SMO pay during strike 29 May


Psychologist services


Remuneration and cost for strike


Primary health providers and foundation standard


Complaints 2017 -2018


CPAC threshold


Number of hired PGY1 House Officers (2013 - 2019)


Priority spending and cancer treatment


Pregnancy termination funding


Staff immunisation


Maternity staffing


Risk register report






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