Wash hands to prevent norovirus

COVID is not the only reason we all need to keep washing our hands with soap and water.  

An increase in the number of local people with tummy infections is another reason people should continue to take care washing their hands, says Hauora Tairāwhiti Medical Officer of Health Dr Osman David Mansoor. 

Three local early childhood centres have reported gastro related outbreaks. For one of these centres, norovirus has been identified as the cause.  All three centres have been working with public health, ensuring anyone who is sick stays home, and the facility gets a deep clean.  

Norovirus appears to be the cause of the increase in tummy infections, says Dr Mansoor. “This virus is very infectious and commonly causes vomiting and diarrhea. The infection usually settles by itself, but it is important to keep up plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.” 

“As with other infections, good hygiene prevents further spread. Washing your hands at key times, e.g. before touching your face, is the number one thing you can do. Unlike other bugs, alcohol hand wash is not as effective as hand washing to get rid of norovirus. Use soap and water and wash thoroughly for 20 seconds.” 

If you are sick, please stay home until you have recovered and have no symptoms for two days.

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