District Nursing

The District Nursing service provides assessment and treatment for clients in the community. This service provides wound care, catheter cares, home intravenous (IV) care’s, assessment and setup of oxygen, cares for the palliative client. District Nursing supports non-ACC and ACC clients in the home, including-term term serious injury clients and provides support and care for community clients are house-bound or have restricted mobility. Clinic clients who are mobile can attend appointment-based clinics at the District Nursing premises at Gisborne Hospital.

Home Based Support Service (HBSS):

HBSS provides personal cares and home-help to non-ACC clients in the community for 6 weeks post discharge from hospital

Clinical Nurse Specialists:

Wound care: District Nursing service has two clinical nurse specialists who visit clients in the community for assessment and advice for the client with complex wounds. Community Clients are housebound or have restricted mobility. Clinic clients who are mobile can attend appointment-based clinics.

The District Nursing Service supports clients discharged from hospital and referred from Primary Care (General Practitioner). A referral received is triaged and then allocated to the appropriate District Nurse team:
• an area team for the housebound or restricted mobilising client
• to the District Nursing Clinic for the ambulatory client

The house-bound client is allocated to an area according to their physical address. There are 5 areas with set boundaries, North 1, North 2, West 1, West 2, or Central. The ambulatory client has a set appointment time to visit at the clinic.


Operating hours:

District Nurses visit clients in their homes 0800-2000 Mon-Sun (including public holidays). District Nurse Clinic is held 0830-1700 Mon-Fri (excluding public holidays).

One twilight nurse is available and will visit both community-based clients and holds an evening clinic for working clients. The twilight nurse can be available for call outs, depending on the workload at that time.

One HBSS coordinator assesses and implements personal cares and home help for the client 6 weeks post discharge. The coordinator works 0800-1200 Mon-Fri. Assessment of the clients may be done on the ward or in the client’s home. Seven casual and part-time Health Care Workers support clients in their homes from Mon-Sun.


  • Jennifer Boyle – Clinical Nurse Specialist Wound care
  • Dinah Smith – Clinical Nurse Specialist Wound care
  • Simon Speights – Podiatrist – Diabetic Foot Clinic
  • Lisa Smith – Diabetes CNS – Diabetic Foot Clinic
  • Dinah Smith – CNS Wound – Diabetic Foot Clinic

How to get in touch:

Monday–Friday 8.00 am - 4.30 pm
Phone: 869 0505

Evenings 4.30 pm - 8.00 pm
Weekends 8.00 am - 1.00 pm & 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Phone: 869–0500 and ask for the nurse to be paged.


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