COVID-19 Vaccinations

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Vaccination rollout progress in Tairāwhiti

We have completed:* 

15,801 total doses 
9,049 first doses 
6,752 second doses

*Last updated 23 July 2021

Group 3 members of the public are invited to book your COVID-19 vaccination NOW!

If you're 65 or over, have an underlying health condition, are disabled (or are caring for someone who is disabled), or are pregnant (any trimester), you're in Group 3 and can book your vaccination now by calling 0800 28 29 26, 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week.

When will I be vaccinated? 

We have vaccinated many people in Groups 1 and 2 in Tairāwhiti.

Group 1 is people that work at the border and those that they live with.

Group 2 - Frontline health workers and people living in high-risk places

You are in this group if you:

  • are a healthcare or disability worker
  • work in a long-term residential environment
  • live in long-term residential care
  • are an older Māori or Pacific person being cared for by whānau
  • live in the Counties Manukau DHB area and are over 65, have an underlying health condition or disability, are pregnant, or are in a custodial setting.

Appointments for Group 1 and 2. If you are in group 1 or 2, you should already have received an invitation to be vaccinated. If you haven’t, speak to your employer or contact 

Group 3 - People who are at risk of getting very sick from COVID-19

You are in this group if you:

  • are aged 65 or over
  • have an underlying health condition (you are in this group if you normally get a free influenza vaccine)
  • are disabled or caring for someone who is
  • pregnant (any trimester)
  • whānau in rural communities
  • are an adult in a custodial setting.

Vaccinations for Group 3 in Tairāwhiti have started. This is a large group of people. Vaccinating this group will not happen in one go. We will be vaccinating Group 3 in June and July.
If you are in this group, call 0800 28 29 26 to book an appointment to get the vaccine.

People in Group 3 may also get an invitation from Hauora Tairāwhiti, their GP (who can advise on their priority), or other local health provider in June or July to book an appointment.

Group 4 - Everyone over 16

You're in this group if you're aged 16 and over and have not been eligible for a vaccination yet.

The vaccine rollout for Group 4 will be in age bands:

  • The first age band is people aged 60 years and over — they will be able to book their vaccinations from 28 July.
  • The next age band is people aged 55 and over — bookings for this age band will open 2 weeks later, on 11 August.

Depending on vaccine supply and progress with other age groups, invitations will open up to people over 45 years from mid to late August, mid to late September for people 35 plus, with everyone else being eligible from October.

Once it’s your turn, you can be vaccinated at any time — there’s no cut off.


Where will I be vaccinated?

A Gisborne-based Vaccination Centre has opened at 295 Palmerston Road.
It is across the road from EIT Polytechnic. There is parking onsite or you can park in the  Mitre 10 24 Derby Street.
Contact the centre on 0800 28 29 26  

To get a vaccination here, you must have an appointment. No walk ins accepted. 

Other centres may open up as the vaccination programme progresses. 


East Coast and rural communities

People living in townships on the East Coast or rural Tairāwhiti will be vaccinated in their community.  Click here for more information.

Why do I need an appointment?

We need to know how many people are coming to the clinic so we can order enough vaccine for each day and venue. The Pfizer vaccine is stored at extremely low temperatures so to minimise wastage we will be ordering only what we need (i.e for the appointments booked). 

If you're in Group 3 to book your vaccination appointment please contact 0800 28 29 26


Vaccine rollout plan

COVID-19 vaccination is free and voluntary for everyone in New Zealand aged 16 and over, regardless of their visa or citizenship status.

We plan to:

  • supply enough vaccine to protect Aotearoa and the Pacific
  • protect Māori, Pacific peoples, and other groups at greater risk of COVID-19
  • make it easy for people to get vaccinated
  • put safety first with all COVID-19 vaccines
  • ensure we are prepared for future outbreaks
  • support New Zealand’s contribution to global well-being.

The best way to protect you, your kaumātua and whānau is to get vaccinated.

Requesting an early vaccine

If you need to travel outside of New Zealand, you can apply for an early COVID-19 vaccine on compassionate grounds or for reasons of national significance. Learn more about applying for an early vaccine


Misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine

If you become aware of any campaigns or information targeting New Zealanders asking for personal information or payment for receiving the vaccine, please report this misinformation to (Subject: COVID-19 scam) or call 0800 237 869.


  • The COVID-19 vaccine is free, and at no point will you be asked to pay for securing your place in the queue.
  • Any communications about the vaccine will come from the Ministry of Health or other trusted sources. If you receive any emails out of the blue asking for financial and personal details, it is likely a scam.
  • The best way you can help stop these scams affecting New Zealanders is to report them to CERT NZ. You can also do this via the CERT NZ website: or by calling 0800 2378 69


Questions about the vaccine?

For a list of frequently asked questions about the vaccine, visit the Immunisation Advisory Centre website.

You can also find questions and answers in this COVID-19 Vaccination Information Booklet, which is specific to Tairāwhiti and has been approved by the Ministry of Health.

You can find more about how the vaccine works, its safety and development, advice if you're pregnant and what to think about if you're getting other vaccines around the same time.


Media releases about COVID-19 Vaccination in Tairāwhiti 

More information

If you're looking for more information about COVID-19 vaccinations, here are some official sources that are a good place to start:


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