The morning after pill

Emergency Contraceptive Pill – ECP (Aka: 'The Morning after pill')

If you have had sex without using contraception or think your contraception might have failed, you can use emergency contraception. The Emergency Contraceptive Pill is free of charge at the Community Clinic, just call 06 868 9005 to make an appointment. Or, you can pick up the pill from pharmacies without a prescription, however there is a cost at the pharmacy. (As of April 2019, prices range between $25 and $40).

The pill is effective for up to 72 hours after intercourse, however the sooner you take it the more effective it is.

The pill works by stopping your body from releasing an egg into your womb, or by changing the way sperm moves inside the body, so it is unable to fertilize the egg.

Pharmacies in Gisborne that supply the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP):

Unichem Bramwells - 232 Gladstone Road, Gisborne. Monday - Friday 8am-6pm. Saturday 9am-2pm. Phone 06 867 1291.

David Moore Pharmacy - 75 Customhouse Street, Gisborne. Monday - Friday 8am-8pm. Saturday/Sunday 8am - 6pm. Phone 06 868 9510.

Sean Shivnan Pharmacy - 578 Gladstone Road, Gisborne. Monday - Friday 8am-6pm. Saturday 9-12:30. Phone 06 867 3072.

Amcal Pharmacy 53 - Balance Street Village, Gisborne. Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm. Saturday/Sunday 9am - 6pm. Phone 06 867 3038.

Gordon's Pharmacy - 1 Mangapapa Road, Gisborne. Monday - Friday 8:30-5:30. Saturday 9am-12pm. Phone 06 8671274.

Kaiti Mall Pharmacy - Monday - Friday 8:30-5:30. Phone 06 867 7100.

Horouta Pharmacy -  92 De Lautour Road (Cnr Delatour Road + Turenne St), Monday - Friday 8:30-5:30. Phone 06 868 0927.

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