Falls prevention

Live stronger for longer

To preserve bone health:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Limit alcohol 
  • Stop smoking,
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Have adequate sun expose and keep active

Safe footwear (Refer to brochure)

  • A supportive back strap or heel cup /back counter
  • Low, wide heels (the higher the heel the more pressure is felt in the toe joints)
  • A bit of support under the arch
  • A shoe that is the right length and width for your foot (particularly if you have bunions)
  • Laces, buckles or velcro that hold the foot firmly in the shoe
  • A bit of flexibility in the front of the shoe
  • Toe area that is deep and wide enough to allow your toes to move
  • Have a non-slip sole/socks
  • Thinner soles that allow your feet to ‘read’ the surface you are walking on


  • Remove anything in the pathway that could cause the person to trip
  • Remove scatter mats
  • Replace uneven, damaged flooring
  • Replace rippled carpets
  • Avoid waxing floors
  • Ensure doorsills are no more than one inch high
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Tie up or secure extension cords

Keep Pathways Clear:

  • Keep pathways and the driveway level, in good repair, free of clutter and clear of ice and snow
  • Paint step edges a contrasting colour

Increase Bathroom Safety:

  • Use a non-slip bath mat
  • Utilize a hand-held shower
  • Use a bath chair or bath bench
  • Install a raised toilet seat
  • Secure appropriately-placed grab bars by the tub and toilet
  • Place night lights in the bathroom and the hallway to the bathroom

Enhance Accessibility:

  • Keep glasses and keys in consistent places
  • Label cupboards with the name of the contents
  • Install railings on the stairs and in hallways
  • Keep mobility aids close by
  • Keep a cell phone handy at all times
  • Place emergency numbers by the phone
  • Consider purchasing a medic alarm

If you would like to find out more about how you can access falls prevention services please contact Kat Ngatai on 06 868 9933.


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