Te Hiringa Matua

Helping hapū (pregnant) māmā who are struggling with drug and alcohol problems is what Te Hiringa Matua is all about. 

Te Hiringa Matua is a pregnancy and parenting support service based on a successful pilot at Waitemata District Health Board. Waitemata offered an intensive programme of support to pregnant women and/or whānau with children under three, who have serious addiction issues. The women were generally not well connected to social and health support services.

In this region, the service has a uniquely Tairāwhiti approach to providing that support and connection. Prioritising matauranga Māori (using indigenous Māori knowledge to make sense of a situation) and eliminating institutional racism and discrimination, is the foundation of the Te Hiringa Matua service. The people who facilitate this approach are called Mataora. The focus is on whānau, hapū and iwi wellbeing to achieve hauora (wellness).

The Te Hiringa Matua team has a range of skills and talents including administration, creative and performing arts and clinical skills. The team was established and mentored by a highly regarded kaiarahi (Counsellor/leader). His depth of knowledge and skills have provided a solid foundation for Te Hiringa Matua.

Clients are supported through visits and advocacy at meetings from the Mataora and weekly wānanga(forum). The wānanga are grounded in Te Ao Māori through mātauranga, including pūrākau (legends).

Ngati Porou Hauora is the lead provider for the Te Hiringa Matua service in Te Tairāwhiti. The service reports to a governance group with membership from Tūranga Health, Hauiti Hauora, Hauora Tairāwhiti and Ngāti Porou Hauora.

The Te Hiringa Matua team is based in Customhouse Street.

PHONE 06 986 1696

FAX 06 929 1688

The name Te Hiringa Matua is taken from Te Oriori (lullaby) mo (for) Tuuteremoana, an ancient birthing karakia that describes the phenomenon of human procreation and the instinct to care for children.

I taatai ai te puhi ariki

And blessed upon this young person

Te Hiringa matua

Was the power to parent

Te Hiringa tipua

A magical power

Te Hiringa tawhito-o-rangi

An inherited power

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