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Weight loss and 'diets' are some of the most popular internet search terms as we all try to fight the 'battle of the bulge'! One of the most effective treatments if all else has failed is weight loss surgery in certain situations. Weight loss surgery/Bariatric surgery service is designed for those who are obese and have significant health problems. 

In this service, we offer assessment for suitability of bariatric surgery and preparation for surgery or weight loss management support.


Dietitian Christina Cullen provides weight loss advice and pre-surgery dietetic preparation.

Therapist Shirley Long supports candidates with change management , motivation and psychological preparedness for surgery.

How to get in touch:

Candidates can be referred by GP but must have Type 2 diabetes or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Contact Clinical Nurse Specialist Sarah Garrett on 06 869 0500 ext. 8112

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