The orthotic service provides orthoses. Orthoses are externally applied braces and supports to relieve pain, improve or limit the function of the body or the limbs. Footwear that accommodates the feet and foot orthoses (insoles) to offload pressure areas and to improve function and mobility.

The Orthotic deptartment is at the back of Gisborne Hospital. Please telephone for an appointment.

Referal Expectations:

People may be referred to orthotics by:

  • Specialists
  • General Practitioners (GP)
  • ACC Case Managers
  • ans Hostpital-based Physiotherapists


  • Accredited Clinical Orthotist
  • Limb Fitters (Prosthetists) (visit 4 times a year)

Exams and procedures:

  • The Accredited Clinical Orthotist provides assessment, prescription, manufacture and the fitting of orthoses such as: neck braces, back braces; wrist, elbow & shoulder supports; hip, knee & ankle braces; footwear and footwear supports; abdominal binders, pregnancy supports and many more.
  • The Limb Fitters (when they visit) repair and modify artificial limbs (prosthetics).

How to get in touch:

Phone: 06 8690500 (EXT 8225)


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