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Ear clinic - Mobile

The Mobile Community Ear Nurse Service is free to all children in the Tairāwhiti area from birth to school leaving age. We visit primary and secondary schools and some early childhood centres in the mobile ear van.

We run clinics at the Community Clinic, Bright Street, on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Appointments are by referral only.

• We assess ear conditions and concerns
• A client history assessment is completed
• An examination of the client is carried out
• A plan of care and education is discussed
• Treatment is undertaken

Referrals can be received from:
• GP / Practice nurse
• Ear, Nose & Throat specialist / Outpatient Ear nurse
• Paediatricians
• Emergency department (A&E)
• Child development team
• Well Child team – Public Health Nurse’s; Vision & Hearing technician’s; Outreach Immunization service
• Teachers
• Group special education - Speech & language therapist
• Deaf advisor


Jo Hyland – Community Ear Nurse
Robyn Hogan – Community Ear Nurse
Jenelle Sheridan – Training Community Ear nurse


• Discharging of ear(s)
• Middle ear fluid (Glue Ear)
• Wax build up
• Grommet checks
• Hearing concerns
• Speech concerns
• Pain

With the use of an otoscope (Ear torch) and/or microscope; Tympanometry (device to measure the movement of the eardrum)


Treatment of:

• Wax removal
• Foreign body removal
• Discharging ear(s)

We often make referrals to:

• GP / Practice nurses
• Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, Gisborne Hospital.
• Private Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, Tauranga/ Hawkes Bay/ Hamilton
• Audiology Department, Gisborne Hospital.
• Private Audiologist.
• Speech-Language Therapists, Group Special Education

How to get in touch:

0800 Well Child
Phone: 8692092
Fax: 8692093
E-mail: Public.Health.Nurses@tdh.org.nz


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