Renal Services


Responsible for the care and management of patients having Peritoneal Dialysis (A way to remove waste products from your blood when your kidneys can no longer do the job adequately). Also works in support and coordination of pre-dialysis and transplant patient management with the renal service at Waikato Hospital.

What do we do:

Satellite Dialysis Unit (SDU)

The Satellite Dialysis Unit is a satellite unit to the specialist Renal Service in Waikato, providing haemodialysis treatments to stable patients on haemodialysis who are unable to perform their dialysis at home. The SDU is an outpatient dialysis unit staffed by nurses only. 


Local Physician: Dr Richard Moore

Visiting Renal Specialist: Dr Gerald Waters

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Kathy Bunyan 

How to get in touch:

Renal Services: Kathy Bunyan 06 869 0500 ext. 8159

Satellite Dialysis Unit: Gilbert Go and Mazelle Go 06 869 0500 ext.8947



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