B4School checks

The B4 School Check is a nurse-led service and is the final Well Child Tamariki Ora health check.  It is free and offered to children aged 4 years old.  Completing the Check as close to a child's 4th birthday as possible allows for any identified issues or parental concerns to be actioned with support systems in place before they turn 5 years old and start school.  This will also help the child in their learning process.


The child will be checked for;

  • Distance Vision and Hearing
  • Growth
  • Development
  • Behaviour
  • Social skills
  • Pre-existing conditions and
  • Immunisations


Children Living in Gisborne or Living Out Of Gisborne but Registered with a Gisborne Medical Practice

Checks are completed by the Public Health Nurses at the B4 School Check clinic held at the Tangata Rite Building, Well Child Services 110 Peel Street Gisborne; at the child’s home; or at their Early Learning Centre if the Centre agrees.


The Distance Vision and Hearing screen is usually completed at the child’s Early Learning Centre separately from the Check, the whanau will then be contacted to complete the nursing component.

The Distance Vision and Hearing screen can also be completed together with the Check at the Clinic.  

If your child has turned 4 years old and you would like your child to have a B4 School Check, please telephone 0800 935 524


Children living on the East Coast

Checks are completed by the Rural Health Nurses who will contact you, otherwise you can call your registered Medical Practice to make an appointment.  The Vision and Hearing Technician travels from Gisborne and will have days booked at the Medical Practices or at your child’s Early Learning Centre or Te Kohanga Reo.

East Coast Medical Practices



Te Whare Hauora O Ngati Porou
Head office Tawhiti

Te Puia Springs Hospital

06 864 6803

4 McKenzie Street,

Matakaoa Community Health Centre

06 864 4801

Paikea Street,


Ruatoria Community Health Centre

06 864 8316

06 864 8472

1 Tuparoa Road,


Tokomaru Bay Community Health Centre

06 864 5859

Tokomaru Street,

Uawa Community Health Centre

06 862 6650

20 Solander Street,



Whānau can contact the B4School Check service themselves by phone or visiting the clinics.


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