Sterile Sciences

The Sterile Sciences Team is a group of well-trained, qualified technicians working behind the scene playing an important and critical role reprocessing instrumentation not only for the operating theatres and wards but other services in our community; We are passionate about our job and work to the following standards ISO 13485 & ASNZS 4187:2014 Processing of reusable medical devices.

The Sterile Sciences Team receive instrumentation that has been used in patient procedures, we sort, clean & decontaminate, check, pack, sterilise, check out and return. 


Debbie Wallace
Team Leader--Certificate in Sterilising technology level 3 & 5
Anna Green
Technician—Certificate in sterilising technology level 3
Mary Baker
Technician-- Certificate in sterilising technology level 3
Jenny Northover
Technician-- Certificate in sterilising technology level 3
Karli Robin
Technician--Certificate in sterilising technology Level 4

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Telephone: 06-8690500 extension 8192

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